I’m pretty sure this situation lies outside of proper real estate etiquette. I’ve never heard of this happening and since I used to practice real estate law, I’m sure I’d have gotten at least one call about it though as I told (R)B, technically the Seller is within her rights. Even if she were not, the amount of money makes it unlikely that you’d pursue her. But let me back up….

A little over a month ago we made an offer on this house:

a picture for you

The location of this house is almost perfect, the price well within our budget and while the size isn’t quite as large as we’d hoped it will certainly do for the foreseeable future (that is until fertility treatments result in me birthing sextuplets). So we made an offer, the seller countered, we accepted and began inspections.

Now we understand that this is an older house and that there would almost certainly be things that needed fixing. We also understand that this is a buyer’s market. After paying for an inspection (at a premium price due to the age of the home), a chimney inspection (b/c the home inspector doesn’t do chimneys) and then a quote on having said chimney rebuilt (b/c they only do free quotes for homeowners), we asked for a few repairs to be made. And then nothing. The Seller didn’t respond. Her deadline to respond has come and gone. Our realtor is baffled.

To be continued…..