Nope, not of a vegetable but another kid’s arm. I saw it happen and I was mortified. Then I lost my cool and for that I apologize to random aggressive bigger than my kid’s mom at the bounce center.

About a year ago I bought a 5 visit bounce center voucher from Livingsocial which is going to expire in less than a month (I tend to hoard these vouchers and then use them at the last minute – weird behavior) and we’ve only used 2 of our 5 visits. Earlier in the week, the weather forecast was calling for rain and since we needed to be out of the house this morning I planned our morning outing to be indoors and use up one of our bounce visits.

We’ve been to this particular venue on several occasions and it’s not really that great for little kids. It has 6 different inflatables and all but 1 are basically obstacle course like in that you must proceed from one end to another climbing and sliding and slithering, bouncing is secondary. Because of this, I will only take my 2 year old to the sessions limited to preschoolers but my child while not necessarily the youngest is likely one of the smallest.

My playground philosophy (which extends to indoor inflatable playgrounds) is to encourage my child to try and do things for himself and to just stand close by and spot if I think he’s attempting something beyond his abilities. In other words, I don’t want to be the Mom saying “No BB, you can’t do that – you’re too little” because maybe this time he’ll be able to do it and he’ll be really proud of himself.

So this morning, we’d been playing for about 15 minutes when BB took off in a run towards the big slide. The big slide is probably about a 20 foot drop and requires the child to scramble up a “ladder” with vinyl rungs and rope handles. BB approached the foot of the “ladder” and was quickly trampled by 2-3 kids who needed a lesson in both taking turns and watching out for smaller kids. Undeterred, he waited until the coast was clear and began his assent. He got about 2/3 of the way to the top when these kids hit the bottom of the slide and raced to climb again. As the first kid approached BB’s location, he didn’t even slow down just climbed right over him and tried to push him out of the way when BB tried to stand his ground (and likely use his words). I’m sure it was shear terror that he was going to fall and the fact that this kid was breaking the rules (b/c BB knows about turns and is quick to enforce them when he’s not getting his) that led BB to sink his teeth into this kid’s left arm. It was bad. I was so embarrassed but at this point my kid is crying and screaming at this top of this slide and the bitee’s (sp?) Mom is yelling at me and this is where I lost my cool and yelled back that I was sorry but that her kid tried to push mine off the ladder (mind you she witnessed none of the action). Sorry lady.

BB had to sit in time out and apologize but for the next thirty minutes she continued to give me dirty looks and once when her kid attempted to play near us she pulled him away. We finally just left. Probably not the right move but I was quickly losing my cool.

I’m trying to put myself in her shoes and wonder how I’d have responded if my kid had been the one bitten. I’m pretty sure I’d have tried to find out what happened before berating the biter’s mother (actually I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have berated her at all).

I’ve got to thicken my skin b/c I’m still steaming about it and trying to figure out what I should have done differently. BB isn’t a biter, I think he might have bitten another kid once so it’s not like I knew that this was going to happen.