Sally and Nick

We’ve had a pretty rough morning. There have been numerous tantrums, tears and SO MUCH whining. Naptime couldn’t arrive fast enough and yet, several times this morning (when he wasn’t throwing a tantrum, crying or whining), BB’s skills of observation have again taken me by surprise.

First let me admit that my child watches way more than the recommended amount of television. He loves it. In fact, the threat of not getting to watch television for an entire day has been the key to keeping him in bed at night (but that’s a whole other story). Because I’m cheap though, we have the most basic television package that includes ESPN (but for the fact that I’m married to a sports fanatic and there’s no good alternative for live sports I wouldn’t even have satellite) which means that we don’t get Nick Jr. or Disney and therefore PBS is BB’s only option for children’s programming.

ChuckE.Cheese’s. is a BIG sponsor of PBS kids. Because we’re watching live television (the horror), he watches ALL the commercials. He’s got the Rainforest Cafe one memorized. This in and of itself should be enough to pull the plug. Today when we were out running errands, we were in the same shopping center as the local ChuckE.Cheese’s. and from the backseat, I hear him yell “There’s ChuckE.Cheese’s”. Brand recognition is powerful. It’s interesting to note that he identified the restaurant (if you can call it that) based on the words and the unique font because the mouse graphic at this location is on the other side of the building.

During pre-nap time book reading (did I mention that nap time couldn’t come fast enough today???), BB pointed out that Nick and Sally (of The Cat in the Hat fame) made appearances throughout One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. I hadn’t even noticed (or remembered from when I was not quite 3).

No pictures today. He’s got a shiner from the fight he had with a colleague’s desk yesterday.



Real Estate Etiquette……

I’m pretty sure this situation lies outside of proper real estate etiquette. I’ve never heard of this happening and since I used to practice real estate law, I’m sure I’d have gotten at least one call about it though as I told (R)B, technically the Seller is within her rights. Even if she were not, the amount of money makes it unlikely that you’d pursue her. But let me back up….

A little over a month ago we made an offer on this house:

a picture for you

The location of this house is almost perfect, the price well within our budget and while the size isn’t quite as large as we’d hoped it will certainly do for the foreseeable future (that is until fertility treatments result in me birthing sextuplets). So we made an offer, the seller countered, we accepted and began inspections.

Now we understand that this is an older house and that there would almost certainly be things that needed fixing. We also understand that this is a buyer’s market. After paying for an inspection (at a premium price due to the age of the home), a chimney inspection (b/c the home inspector doesn’t do chimneys) and then a quote on having said chimney rebuilt (b/c they only do free quotes for homeowners), we asked for a few repairs to be made. And then nothing. The Seller didn’t respond. Her deadline to respond has come and gone. Our realtor is baffled.

To be continued…..


Grammar lessons….

a picture for you

BB: Guitar don’t belong in the water.
Me: Guitar doesn’t belong in the water.
BB: (ignoring me). Ice cream cone don’t belong in the water.
Me: Ice cream cone doesn’t belong in the water.
BB: (grinning). Horns don’t belong in the water.

Really kid??? You had to switch to plural?!?


Third Haircut

Which was by far, the worst yet.

This the only picture I got. It was before the screaming, thrashing and crying began. You can tell just by looking at him that he’s not so sure anymore about this activity (which we had been talking about for no less than two weeks and for which he would be rewarded with a sucker and a toy from the salon).

a picture for you

The end result isn’t bad. If you consider that I pretty much had to hold his head still and his arms down and he screamed “No, No, No”, flailed wildly in the chair and kept trying to swipe the poor woman’s hands. I could have easily gotten an after picture. He was all smiles, eating his sucker and playing with all the toys in the waiting area (b/c I don’t allow suckers in the car for numerous reasons). I, however, was exhausted.


And just like that…..

Christmas is over. The tree taken down and awaiting pickup (gosh, I love Winston Salem – all I have to do is put my tree out for pickup!).

a picture for you

The ornaments packed up (in new ornament boxes! Love them). The stockings are folded into boxes with care in hopes that no moth will seek them out there. Oh wait, that’s the night before Christmas.  Well, that’s a good place to start and go backwards.

Christmas Eve found me out shopping.  I don’t think I’ve ever shopped on Christmas Eve and I hope I never will again.  It wasn’t much fun and it made me feel stressed that I wasn’t all done and home relaxing with my family.  I resolve never to do this again.

I’m a December baby and as such my birthday, despite efforts to the contrary, kinda gets mixed up in the Christmas holiday.  I think I might start celebrating my half-birthday.  In any case, it was a business day so Robbie was off to work and BB and I went to the Children’s Museum to build a gingerbread house.  This was actually his second house of the season and while we had a great time and he was pretty proud of his masterpiece I would suggest that you save money by buying dollar store candy and not the good stuff.  I’m pretty sure BB ate just as much as he applied.

a picture for you

That evening RB and BB did their own craft project.

2 pictures for you

a picture for you

I think we know who did most of the project.

When two-year olds create, it looks more like this:

a picture for you
Gingerbread house pre-assembled and apron stenciled by Owner’s Club staff and decorations by BB with help from LL

This post is way too long IMO so I’ll end here.


Santa Claus didn’t come….

These were the words BB spoke as he clutched his friends and fought back tears…..

a picture for you

Perhaps b/c of our frequent encounters with Santa this year:

a picture for you
Santa Tea at St. Paul’s Preschool on 12/3

a picture for you
Santa at the NC Transportation Museum on 12/10

a picture for you
Santa at the William G. White YMCA on 12/23

and I don’t have a picture but we also saw him on 12/20 at the home of a preschool friend. In the mind of a two-year old I suppose if Santa was in all those places then it stands to reason he ought to be in his living room on Christmas morning.

It took a bit of convincing but finally we assured him that Santa had in fact visited while he was sleeping and filled his stocking but had to leave because he had to visit more children in the night.

a picture for you

and he brought bubbles! (which means he was listening as after our first visit with Santa he fretted for a week that we hadn’t asked for bubbles and on each subsequent visit hopped right up to make sure the big guy knew that his greatest wish was for “more bubbles”) Santa and UPS also worked some magic to deliver a Spiderman hat that he decided he wanted on 12/22 and mentioned to Santa on 12/23. I’m thinking Santa won’t always be that lucky.


PS – Those crazy red boots in the 12/23 picture are his “Spiderman boots”. I’m pretty sure Lands’ End had no idea they were making superhero gear. I’m also pretty sure that most two-year olds aren’t obsessed with Spiderman after watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and seeing the Broadway cast of Spiderman perform.

Tree Decorated.

This project took much longer than expected (as is typically the case). I guess the tree is a bit taller this year because I didn’t have quite enough lights so the project I had planned on completing Tuesday night stretched out until last night.

I had no idea that finding more lights was going to be a problem and that I would end up finding what I needed at Walgreens. Apparently, the larger big box stores are encouraging us all to go green. I’m all for green living (afterall, I washed many a load of cloth diaper and my two year old can identify if an item is compost, trash or recyclable) and since it was raining and I was shopping with a 2 year old would probably have happily paid $10+ for a string of 100 lights. Except Target was out. And Lowe’s was out. AND Home Depot was out (and this really ticked me off because by this point it was well past lunch and my shopping buddy and I were tired and damp and cold and so I’d had RB call to ask if they had them and the customer service person indicated that they did**). RB (feeling bad from me and hungry for us to get home for lunch) went and bought a box of 50 (not nearly enough but it was the thought…) from Ace at which point I figured out that LED wouldn’t do b/c the LED soft white is a different white from the energy-guzzling white.

Thursday morning I used preschool time (read: the most precious 7 hours of my week for getting things done including trying to start a business) and found lights at Walgreens (of all places….).

After riding the train and visiting with Santa and taking a nice long nap (BB not me), we finally finished the tree decorating (now we begin the process of un-decorating by breakage).

2 pictures for you

And yes, BB already has a height complex and insisted on decorating while standing on a chair (I only had a bit of redistribution to do after he’d finished).

2 pictures for you

No picture of the finished product but I’m sure there will be one in the next few weeks (if I can keep the tree from dying that is – we had only two choices of places to put it and both were in front of vents….I blocked it with cardboard but I’m guessing it will still have an impact.


PS – As it turns out, I probably should have just started over with the LED lights b/c one of the strands has a short in it and has to be jiggled to get it to come on so it’s only a matter of time until it (1) goes out completely or (2) causes a house fire.

**This could have been RB’s fault b/c I’m sure the exchange went something light this: RB: “Do you have any Christmas tree lights?” CS: “Yes” Nevermind that I needed the mini-white non-LED soft white variety which apparently they had approximately 6 boxes of at the outset.

Santa Train!

I am a terrible blogger. I think it has to do with my need for everything to be just so in order to start a project and my need to be able to finish said project in one sitting (which explains why there are so many unfinished projects……)

BB is really into Christmas this year with a little Hanukkah thrown in for good measure. It should have come as no surprise that Mr. Fine Motor Skills would be able to spin a dreidel at the age of two so we’ve got a few of those lying around under the tree. This morning we decided to take a short road trip to Spencer, NC to visit the NC Transportation Museum to ride the “Santa Train.” In reality it was probably the same train ride they have every day (one end of the Yard to the other and back) followed by a visit with Santa in the Roundhouse. Nonetheless, BB LOVED it. He could not wait to ride the train and though we didn’t leave the yard and really didn’t see much in the way of scenery (though it would appear that downtown Spencer is pretty cute), he was mesmerized.

4 pictures for you

After the ride, we waited and waited and waited to see Santa (which was stupid on our part because if we’d simply explored the museum for 20 minutes we could have walked right up to Santa) and BB was able to undo the damage he’d done last week when we was afraid of Santa and forgot to tell him that he wanted more bubbles for Christmas (which ought to be pretty cheap!!).

4 pictures for you

When it was time to go, BB said “Let’s do it again”. I guess we’ll see you again next year Santa Train!

a picture for you

And one more shot b/c the paparazzi (RB tends to like to just start shooting…..) got a good one.

4 pictures for you


You’re my girl…..


Wow. Inertia is a powerful force. September 29, 2011 was my last post. The next day I started fertility drugs again. This time I’m doing Femara (for the record, I’ve been pregnant 4 times – twice using Clomid and twice were “spontaneous” as they say). Femara is way better than Clomid or maybe I’m in a slightly better place since I have BB to make me smile.

I’m afraid that for the most part Facebook is my baby book and I try to at least give a status update with the hilarious things he says. If you’re reading this blog then those updates probably don’t annoy you but know that most of the time they are more for me than anything b/c aside from photos (unorganized and on my hard drive) and memories (which get jumbled with time) those status updates are my reminders of what was going on in that moment of our lives. I started this blog so that I’d have just a little bit more and perhaps between the two there’s enough to make up for the pitiful and almost blank baby book sitting upstairs.

This is an oft-repeated conversation over the last month (or more…I’ve lost track) and somehow he knows just when to start it.

BB: You’re my girl, Mommy.
(J)BB: You’re my boy, Benjamin.
BB: You’re not a boy, Mommy.
(J)BB: No, but you’re a boy.
BB: And Daddy’s a boy. But he just has to go back to work every time. (That last part breaks my heart….and makes me want to play the lottery.)

And really, how can this face not make you smile??

a picture for you


Photo Credit: M. Gioeli Photography